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Thursday, September 9, 2010

You can't be serious with all that lawn art!

I have family in Klamath Falls, a small town of about 30,000 people in southern Oregon. Many Oregonians will tell you that their state is full of beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities for the outdoorsy folk. And while this may be true, K.Falls - as it is commonly referred to by the locals - has two main aesthetic traits that take away from its potential.

Trait one -> Far too much lawn art
All lawn art walks the fine line between tasteful and tacky. As a general rule, the following should be avoided:
Lions (and other large mammals)
Inflatable holiday characters (or anything inflatable for that matter)
Vehicles/bikes (that's what your driveway and garage are for)

Acceptable lawn art (when done in moderation) includes:
Wind chimes
Bird Feeders
Garden globes
Stepping stones
Walkway lighting

Trait two -> Chain link fences
I don't know who brought metal fencing to neighborhoods, but it has to go. Nothing says homey (while serving the same purpose) like picket fencing. So, pay the extra moola and upgrade to wood or vinyl and leave the metal for industrial use.

And while Klamath Falls has fallen prey to many a chain link fence and lawn art, it is but one of many towns. So please, America, create curb appeal and clean up the clutter.

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