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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And he's off...

The past month has been amazing. In August, my sailor came home from across the country to pack up our Scion xB (a.k.a the box or toaster) and travel up the West Coast to our duty station (new place of residence for up to 4 years) in Everett, WA. We explored the area and enjoyed doing everyday things TOGETHER; menial tasks such as grocery shopping and haircuts have been done solo for six months so we've developed an appreciation for one another's company.
Anyway, not two days after we arrived, we received orders that my hubby would be leaving again within two weeks. With that in mind, we made the most of it with plenty of sightseeing, picture taking, hand holding, huggling (hugging+snuggling combo word) and sushi (our favorite!) We hoped that our efforts would prepare us for what was to come: his first deployment.

After little - and mostly restless - sleep the night before his departure, we awoke at 4:40am, gathered the few remaining items, hustled out the door and headed to the Naval base. We said our goodbyes with tear-filled eyes, all while trying to keep our public displays of affection professional in the eyes of the military...all I can say is, this whole deployment stuff is TOUGH!
So it goes. Let the next six months begin. And end. Quickly!

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