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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm ba-aaack...

Well, it's been over seven months since my last post...and I can't lie: I'm a bit disappointed with myself for letting this blog project completely fall by the wayside. I spent February and March preparing for my hubby to come home from his first deployment and the reunion was amazing :)

Just weeks after his return, we found out that we were expecting! That was quick! Time apart will do that to ya ;) So, I then found myself sick as a dog for 10 straight weeks. Not pretty. Now that I'm finishing up the second trimester (at around the 26th week) life is good. However, we're preparing for yet another deployment, with hubby coming and going for routine work-ups at sea. Long story short, I'm back on the Blog-Train...or at least giving it my best efforts.

I'm not sure what I'll fill my entries with...probably some baby/pregnancy talk, but mostly continue with anything random that I find interesting. If anyone happens to read this, I'd love to hear from you. If not, I'm still set on using this as a way to channel my thoughts and ideas.


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